Nature's Teen (Just For Teenagers)

As teenagers start making more independent choices it is an ideal time for them to start developing healthy habits for a lifetime. 

Whether it involves helping you be the best in school, sports or social situations, NW can show you how to start off on the road to a long and healthy future.

Better Nutrition

  • Multivitamins - chewable, tablets, food-based
  • Fish/flaxseed oil
  • Protein powders - whey, soy, rice, egg, pea, hemp, chia

Cool, Clear Minds

  • Focus – B-complex vitamins
  • Mood – Fish oil, magnesium, lecithin
  • Sleep – herbal formulas, melatonin
  • Stress – herbal and homeopathic formulas

Body Care

  • Clear skin – herbal formulas, natural skin care products, B vitamins, zinc, EFAs
  • Gaining weight – nutritional shakes
  • Losing weight – fiber supplements, sugar control, stress formulas
  • PMS – flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, herbal and homeopathic formulas

Immune support

  • Allergy/sinus formulas - animals, seasonal, indoor, outdoor
  • Cold/Flu remedies

Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 9:30am-6pm


Our customers say…
One is never shown impatience or hurried or pressure. Rather your questions are answered with a thoughtful explanation and courtesy making certain one understands. The staff is most knowledgeable – always amazes me – and finally all is underlined with a smile and good humor. Nature’s Way Health Food store – is there any other?