Nature's Pet

Natural products for your petNatural products are a gentle and effective way to help keep your family cat or dog happy and healthy.  Love your pets the way they love you… naturally Smile

Better nutrition

  • Organic wet/dry food
  • Chew strips, treats (organic, cookies)
  • Yeast/garlic supplements (powder/wafers)
  • Barley supplements
  • Flaxseed/cod liver/fish oil

Healthy solutions

  • Fleas, bladder issues, indigestion, hip/joint care, eczema

Inner balance

  • Stress reduction formulas, Rescue Remedy, homeopathics, catnip

Grooming needs

  • Shampoo, coat spray, dip and crème (dry skin formulas), ear cleaning, paw rubbing cream, bug spray, herbal collar

Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 9:30am-6pm


Our customers sayÖ
I have only good things to say about Nature's Way and its staff. The selection of foods and vitamins is very good. When I come to the store to find something and itís not there, they always get it for me even if it is an item they normally do not carry in stock.